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TOKYO, IJT 2016- Venetian Glass Museum

On 20, gen 2016 | In Exhibitions

TOKYO, IJT 2016- VENETIAN GLASS MUSEUM , January 2106:  Jewels Music Collection.

Antonio Pio Saracino designed his first collection of jewelry combining digital technologies with the classical music. The result is a collection of jewelry with innovative lines. The “Music  Collection” has been interpreted and hand crafted in Italy with the rarest Fancy diamonds and Murano Glass.



3 The music sound wave is shaped, divided, and sculptured into a jewel. Just like the universal language of music, which can be played with every instrument, this collection of works shows its own freedom of execution through the wonderful colors of Fancy diamonds and the preciousness of their materials.


The infinite movement of the different composers creates three collections of jewelry: the Bach, Mozart and Beethoven collections. Antonio Pio Saracino has transformed their music through a digital design. TorelliDiamonds manufactured the collection and has selected the diamonds which are the focal point of every piece of the collection that, in each detail, from the locks to the nodes, show the peculiarity of a Made in Italy creation. Every single piece breathes music through unique colors and shapes.64