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On 03, set 2011 | In Exhibitions

Sydney, August – September 2011In association with Sydney Design 2011 “Artists And Designers In This Exhibition Reinterpret The Forms Of Traditional Furniture And Architectural Aesthetics Utilizing Contemporary Technology And Modelling Techniques To Realize Objects In Modern Synthetic Materials And Formats.  

Ray Chair

Anna Carey, Adam Goodrum, Antonio Pio Saracino and Kenan Wang draw on cultural influences from personal and social histories, memory and techniques of traditional craftsmanship to revise architectural and design styles in a contemporaneous way.

ANNA CAREY visual artist, Australia
ADAM GOODRUM designer, Australia
 ANTONIO PIO SARACINO architect/designer, living and working in New York & Rome 
KENAN WANG designer, China & Australia

Antonio Saracino’s Ray chair brings the traditional armchair into the twenty-first century. It alludes to the modern skyscraper architecture of New York, Saracino’s adopted second home, while referincing traditions of his Italian heritage in church architecture and the spiritual symbolism of rays of light in the iconography of religious sculpture and painting.

Ray Chair2

The Ray chair is also an exploration of the structural components found in the natural world, such as the sun’s rays, and the ways in which they can find expression in design. Constructed with a cellular assemblage of ‘rays’ of closed-cell foam, the chair, when viewed from above, is reminiscent of an array of pixels or the way that crystals can be formed. Although appearing as rigid, the foam ray components adjust when sat upon to accommodate individual body contours.