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The Globe, Los Angeles, U.S. The Globe, Los Angeles, U.S.

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The Globe, Los Angeles, U.S.

Following his solo show at Industry Gallery in the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, Antonio Pio Saracino was commissioned by the Los Angeles Italian Cultural Institute to design an installation.

“The Globe,” a 7-foot sphere formed by linked red wooden posts, is a three-dimensional diagram that visualizes a map of our new digital world, in contrast to the territories of the physical globe. The shape was created using an algorithm for identifying connection points on a sphere.

The globe
The points at which the posts connect on “The Globe” represent the largest cities in the world and the non-physical connections taking place between them. This project presents a new globe that exists outside geographical space—leaving the map behind and focusing on the connections taking place between virtual and physical space.

Location: Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles
Designed by: Antonio Pio Saracino