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The Arches of Hope, New York City The Arches of Hope, New York City The Arches of Hope, New York City

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The Arches of Hope, New York City

Lifebeat and MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation hired Antonio Pio Saracino to create an interactive installation for Out NYC in solidarity and support of HIV awareness.

The installation was broadcast live on Times Square jumbo screens. “The Arches of Hope” consist of three 10-foot tall arches representing the three decades of HIV, created using data collected from millions of people who have been affected by the disease since the 1980s. The Arches are composed of 223 blocks, which advocates can “adopt” to support Lifebeat and the Staying Alive Foundation’s lifesaving HIV prevention programs for young people.

“For the past three decades, AIDS has taken the lives of over 30 million people while there are still 34 million people living with HIV globally, with 2.5 million new infections last year,” said Georgia Arnold, Executive Director of MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation. “It knows no boundaries, and that is where ‘The Arches of Hope’ is such an exciting collaboration. The project gives us a platform to communicate to millions of people to inspire and reenergize the fight against the epidemic while also allowing HIV prevention services around the world to be supported.”

Location: Times Square, Out Hotel, New York City
Designed by: Antonio Pio Saracino
Commissioned by: MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Lifebeat