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Mixed Use Building, Lanciano, Italy Mixed Use Building, Lanciano, Italy Mixed Use Building, Lanciano, Italy Mixed Use Building, Lanciano, Italy


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Mixed Use Building, Lanciano, Italy

The Project, currently under construction in Lanciano, Italy is comprised of a five-story building with 20 residential units and a commercial ground floor.  Italian Architect Antonio Pio Saracino was asked to design this stand-alone building. The building emphasizes its exceptional location adjacent to natural surroundings by developing an image of pixellated nature with reflections on four of its facades.


The residential units sit on a commercial base like an object on a pedestal.  The upper residential units have oversize terraces extending the living space to the exterior on all four facades while the first floor apartments benefit from a large roof garden. The facades are dynamically wrapped by dimensional ribbons that create a variety of terraces relating to the internal programs. The complex and articulated pixellated facade explores the dimensional tensions between private and public spaces in the digital age. The terraces are enclosed by white parapets that create a dynamic projection outward with varying intensity, creating unique layouts for each unit in the building.

1 The location and size of each terrace is programed to provide diverse surfaces according to the adjacent interior spaces and different views. The facade variation, with regard to the positioning of the windows,  contributes to the architectural richness while also providing efficient shading for the building’s interior spaces. Clear glass and mesh are utilized on some areas of the balconies to allow visual continuity from residential interiors to the natural environment.   Large planters and vegetation are located on the interstitial spaces of the balconies reinforcing the connection to nature.  The wrapping, pixelated facade of the building is designed to increase the square footage of the building’s skin, providing ample surface area for gatherings and vegetation.