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Hexa Residence, Puglia, Italy Hexa Residence, Puglia, Italy Hexa Residence, Puglia, Italy


in Architecture

Hexa Residence, Puglia, Italy

The Hexa Residence is a five-story residential building in Puglia, Southern Italy. This building includes twenty-five residential units and a ground floor commercial space served by multiple elevators and staircases.

The building plan is “O”-shaped, and the private windows of the residences face a central courtyard. The terraces around the building are designed on an angle and the whole building narrows as it grows in height. Vertical elements connect the large, vegetated terraces to each floor.

The terraces encircle the building’s glass curtain wall exterior and, together with the connective vertical elements, behave as the building’s second skin, with openings exposing the curtain wall beneath.

Team: Antonio Pio Saracino, Principal; Steve Blatz;
Amanda Huang; Katzuya Arai