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Cocoon House, New York City Cocoon House, New York City


in Architecture

Cocoon House, New York City

Cocoon House was conceived as a new approach to urban infill housing. A building’s outer walls—its skin—has been historically seen as marking the boundary between public and private space.

Cocoon House’s skin is an elastic metal mesh, flexible in all three dimensions, stretched against a rigid glass façade. The flexible screen adjoins internal and external space, absorbs the tension between the two, and connects on a symbolic level with new life emerging from a cocoon. Inside Cocoon House, each apartment unit relates to the city in a unique way that affects the entire surface of the building. As the skin flexes, it creates a visible tension on the building’s façade.

This project explores a new aesthetic language that can express the relevant changes of a contemporary world that is experiencing new interactions between private and public life.

Conceptual design by: Antonio Pio Saracino; Steve Blatz