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Big Bang, New York City Big Bang, New York City

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Big Bang, New York City

“Big Bang” is a project study for two permanent freestanding sculptures created as a site-specific installation for the 53rd–54th Street Plaza in Midtown Manhattan. “Big Bang” is a symbolic imagining of the expansion of energy emanating from a singularity.

The energy flowing from a single point evokes the unfolding mysteries of life in all its variations and possibilities. The sculptures’ different colors, intensities and shapes recall these variations and possibilities in a visually powerful way for the viewer. New York City is a symbolic hub from which different, coexisting cultural, racial, and religious identities radiate joy, creativity, cooperation, and liberty to the world. “Big Bang” is specifically intended for New York City.

At first glance, the installations explore this idea of a city that radiates energy and, figuratively, they reference the organic upward growth of the city’s skyscrapers. Upon closer inspection, however, a far more powerful abstract vision emerges—one that proposes the seemingly simple but paradoxically complex notion of “the city” as the universal point of genesis from which hope and possibilities emerge and are dispersed throughout the world.

Location: 53rd-54th Street Plaza, New York, NY
Design by: Antonio Pio Saracino
Competition Entry